Exercise of the Day

 SH2130: IntelliSkin® Single Arm Rows with Ball  
 Category  Exercise  Rehab Level  Beginner
 Body Part  Shoulder  Muscle(s)  latissimus dorsi, deltoid - posterior, teres major, triceps brachii, Shoulders, Upper Arms
 Equipment  Stability Ball
 Purpose  Increase shoulder strength and muscular endurance.  Benefits  Improved stability, functional strength and injury prevention.
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 Starting Position  Movement
Begin by bending forward at the hips in order to keep the back flat. Place one arm on top of stability ball for support with the other arm hanging freely holding a dumbbell.
Pull dumbbell upward bending elbow. Maintain shoulder and low back position through movement. Squeeze shoulder blade toward midline. Slowly return to start position. Repeat for prescribed repetitions and sets.